Dissertation: Design as a powerful weapon

I believe that graphic design is a war, designer is a partisan, and the pencil is his weapon, his clients and consumers can be allies as well as his enemies.
There are plenty adverts, graphics, typography and films these days. All this is created just for one purpose only, to communicate with people and affect them. Any type of arts made for spectators, listeners, readers and people who appreciate. With the first interaction with sound or visual it has to be effective in order to avoid consumer run off. In the process of creating a masterpiece the designer faces at least two problems; how to solve the problem and how to sell his solution to the client.
Designer is not just a person who shifts mouse but he lives in his profession, making the order from the chaos. He owns intelligence and creates mood. Good designer does it with his work; bad designer needs a good lash whip. Sometimes you are getting into a quandary, and never know how to explain that this design is good and that one is bad and the person who made it have to work in boiler room instead of being designer.
In this dissertation author will introduce conflicts in design between designer, consumer, costumer and people. Also, try to answer the question why does no each person is given to be a designer. Why there are no rules and design bible.
Everything said in this dissertation is a strictly author’s point of view. Dissertation is dedicated to the design as a way of living and thinking. Author is mentioned as third-person.



Download dissertation *PDF / 4,43MB

1 comment
  1. Mark Ingham said:


    Design is political, psychological, sociological, powerful and creates affective encounters. It is a problem!

    Always try and give visual and concrete examples of what you are talking about, as you have done in most cases and you can put more into the final designed work…

    I agree that as artists and designers we have a responsibility not to annoy but annoying sells? I cannot turn off a brand. It is always there. A least Britney was only in your ears for a few seconds…I do understand the annoyance…

    I am not sure you view of the past is quite accurate. We all had jobs? When? Taxes were low? When? The poor were oppressed, worked for many hours for very little money and were hanged for stealing a sheep! You might want to read more about what it was really like 100 years ago. 1% of the population, if that, were students…. If you are basing arguments on spurious ‘facts’ then the arguments themselves will tend to be spurious….

    Have you ever looked at Frank Lloyd Wright house? http://www.wright-house.com/frank-lloyd-wright/fallingwater-pictures/F1SW-fallingwater-in-fall.html

    Just because a friend did not stop smoking does not mean someone else did….

    I think this is more than a ‘Moderately Handsome’ project and although it is ‘good enough’ you can challenge the rules and the LAW and especially yourself… It is you that is at war and this might make you a better designer, but there is nothing worse than something mediocre and boring unless it is excessively mediocre and downright dull, then something happens. I say push this work this design and make it fly. Don’t be constrained by your own prejudices, they will only bring you down. You can decide what this dissertations ‘Mission’ is and own it and make it the best design you have ever done, otherwise what is the point? I enjoyed reading it….


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