Marlboro advertising

It is my personal view and understanding that advertising can manipulate people. This concept shows the psychological side of people’s perception in an a slightly unconventional way. Pregnant women walking by this poster will notice how graphic and scary the image is and will be particularly affected by it’s message. Seeing the name of any tobacco production company associated with the image, she would then start thinking about social care. The government is playing it’s part to fight against the tobacco companies, but in the long run, this advert will not make pregnant women stop smoking. They perhaps will feel guilty for the harm they are causing to their innocent unborn baby, which, in turn, creates more stress, pain and regret in themselves. Stressed out and feeling faint, they would would most likely grab a cigarette and light up, thus reflecting on how counterproductive the advertisement actually is. This ad will actually make you smoke more.

  1. Irmina said:

    thought interesting to discuss but the execution as too weak for you – details to improve :P


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