This blog was made for the dissertation preparation firstly. Now it is a place where I post my brain storming ideas called Vomit. Why? I believe in design world people should exchange ideas and look for an inspiration to make this world better. All the stuff I display and review is strongly my point of view, you can comment or argue, swear or complain, everything will be accepted (except spam), but also keep in mind that this is my blog. I am Anton Burmistrov, born in Tallinn in 1984, studied in The University Of Greenwich for the Graphic and digital design. Now I’m working in Billington Cartmell and Brave.

All the content on this website may be copyrighted and protected by the law, some of the content may belong to its authors. All the content in this blog including imagery, videos and quotes are referenced. The users, contributors or just visitors of this blog can comment, reply, review or suggest anything they want to the author of this blog.

anton burmistrov



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