Product design

Every morning we wake up, do some workout, brush the teeths, eat cereal and drink some juice. What flavour? I drink Apple.

Medical plaster is designed to cover the skin damage such as cracks, scratches, spots etc. It also has a skin colour so it will remain less visible on body. I wonder why there is no black colour plasters for black people? Maybe because plaster manufacturing companies are racist? / 4 May 2009

The concept of the t-shirt was explained as “why would people be selfish bitches and wear single t-shirt with single artwork on it?”. I wanted people to share things, like “hey dude you have number one on your t-shirt I have number two, add me on facebook”. The first concept was to stick same artwork on both t-shirts, and that’s how t-shirt for couples was born. Maybe people should share tattoos as well? / 5th September 2009